MOLISM is dedicated to transforming the figurative detail-in-life into wearable sculptures with curved shapes in an abstract visual language that conveys the creator's perception of the present‭. ‬The textures‭, ‬forms‭, ‬shapes and proportions‭, ‬and nuanced details of the colours that we live among‭. ‬


Combining traditional metal technique with advanced 3D-printing technology‭, ‬MOLISM push limits for high-decorative costume jewellery and creates a retro-futuristic style in its way‭. ‬Eye-catching necklaces‭, ‬shapely earrings‭, ‬and colour pop rings give classic silver and timeless gold some serious competition at a pleasingly accessible price‭.‬













MOLISM由留英首饰艺术家兼独立首饰设计师Molly Wang创立于英国,于2020年正式推出首个商业系列。MOLISM由Molly+ism组合而成,以呈现Molly Wang独具一格的创作风格与设计理念。 品牌旨在以抽象的视觉语言将无形思考与具象事物结合,转化为异形曲面的可穿戴身体雕塑,从而传递出设计师对当下体验的内在感受。 产品结合传统金属工艺与先进的3D打印技术,延续传统时装首饰的装饰情怀,以MOLISM式抽象与概念创造其独特的复古未来主义风格新饰物。